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Types of Websites We Make


Promotes a product or service
Provides customer support
Makes the company’s catalog available online
Provides product updates or new versions of the product
Provides documentation about a product
Requests information about a person’s lifestyle, demographics, or finances


Provides factual information about a topic
Provides statistical information
Provides the results of research
Provides a schedule or calendar of events
Provides transportation schedules
Provides information such as that contained in a reference book
Provides a directory of names or businesses
Provides a list of course schedules


Provides current information on local, regional, national, or international events
Provides current information of a specific topic such as business, computers, or entertainment


Has as its author a person or family with no official organizational affiliation
Consists of personal expression on hobbies or pastimes, personally authored literature, personal opinions on a topic


Includes games or other activities with the primary purpose of providing enjoyment
Includes music, animation, or video intended primarily to entertain its users

About Web Pages


These are destination pages containing information that may be of interest to visitors. As there is no action to take on these pages, it can be very difficult to evaluate whether the page is performing well or not. Given the objective for the page is for the visitor to read the content, success can be defined as the visitors who spend at least XX minutes on the page or who exit the website from that page (assuming this is because they have found and read the information they were after).


These pages contain links through to other internet pages, whether within the site or through to 3rd party websites. These pages do not contain any direct information and instead exist purely to direct visitors onwards. Success is defined based on the visitor clicking on one of the specific links contained within this page (not the general navigation links).


These pages are just one in a series of pages. It may be a set of pages containing information or one stage in a checkout process. Either way, the intention is for the visitor to arrive on this page from the previous step and then to proceed to the next stage in the process. Success is defined by the visitor going through to the next stage in this process.


These pages contain one or more actions that it is desired the visitor takes. These could be anything from downloading a file to submitting a form to adding a product to their basket. Success is defined by the visitor taking at least one of the desired actions.


These pages allow the visitor to interact with them in some way. It could be to watch a video or to use a calculator. Success is defined by the visitor interacting with the element on the webpage. Note that this just defines whether the web page is good at getting the visitor to interact with the element, not how well the actual element is performing.

Multiple Categories

It is quite possible for a web page to fall into multiple categories.This is a navigational page that visitors can interact with and  click on a button to add the currency exchange to their basket. The performance of this page can be measured in different ways to understand how it is performing as a navigation page, as a transactional page and as an interactive page. It is possible for a page to perform well in one category but not so well in a different category.

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